Shoot in Manual 2019 Class + Editing Video Tutorial!

Shoot in Manual 2019 Class + Editing Video Tutorial!

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Good for ANY 2019 class + bonus video content all about editing everyday life images (without having to be a pro!)

 This class is always live and limited to 5 students so that we can really interact! In 2 hours we cover all the components to shooting in manual, gear understanding, shooting in challenging light, and actually practicing! 

I developed this class specifically for non-photographers-- travelers, mommas, retirees, and even teens, who want to stop leaving their SLR cameras at home, I want ya in class! 

Video bonus content covers: editing in iPhoto and using Lightroom, Retouch and PicTapGo editing mobile apps, external hard drives, where to order from etc. 

This would be a perfect gift, too. Hint, hint ;-) 

What's Included: Shoot in Manual LFP Worksheet, class, Q&A with Laura, replay, AND bonus video content covering all things editing/printing/saving for non photographers. 

This seat must be used for a 2019 Shoot in Manual Course. The class is held 1-2x per month online. You will be able to register after purchasing! It may be given as a gift, but otherwise is non-transferable and non-refundable.